Niagara Womens Enterprise Centre
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Black Lives Matter

Niagara Women's Enterprise Centre is in Solidarity with the Black Lives Matter Movement and Strives to Promote Equality

Our Statement

Niagara Women's Enterprise Centre stands with the Black Community in solidarity.  

In the ongoing series of the systemic killings of Black Folkx, we pledge to take a stand and condemn these injustices.  We stand with all communities and individuals who face systemic racism, violence, discrimination and police brutality against Black individuals, Indigenous peoples and people of colour worldwide.  

We commit ourselves to helping to end systemic racism as we promote the unity and strength of communities.  As systemic racism continues to exist, we commit ourselves to unlearning myths and being held accountable for our actions.

It is not enough to be non-racist and we must commit to being anti-racist.  Anti-racism actively dismantles systemic racism and promotes equality within our communities.

We acknowledge with humility that we have been silent for too long.  We denounce systemic racism and commit ourselves to playing an important role in dismantling it.  Black Lives Matter today, tomorrow and always.

Niagara Women's Enterprise Centre

November 4th, 2020

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